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Get all the tips, advice and special feel good stories from Munn as well as the latest news on how we are working hard to deliver a world class insurance experience for our customers. Take a moment to learn how we are making an impact in our industry and the communities where our people live and work.

What to do when a wildfire occurs

If you are a Munn Insurance customer with property coverage, you are protected in the event of a fire. While our brave firefighters will do everything in their power to get the fire [...]

Digital Nova Scotia Member of the Month Feature

Digital Nova Scotia member of the month feature. Originally posted on Digital Nova Scotia website.  The insurance industry may not widely be known for being glamorous or innovative, but that’s something Munn Insurance is trying [...]

Tenant Insurance

Most tenants are aware that landlords have insurance on their property. But, you should also know that the landlord’s insurance doesn’t cover your personal belongings such as electronics and furniture in case of [...]

Insuring your electric or hybrid vehicle

Like any other car on the road, a hybrid or electric vehicle needs the right insurance. Mandatory insurance coverages do not differ, regardless of the type of vehicle you drive. Insuring your electric [...]

10 Tips for Safe Winter Driving

Even for experienced drivers, the Canadian winter road conditions can be daunting. Those relatively new to Canada have probably experienced driving on slippery roads and dealt with the challenges presented by sustained low [...]

New Insurance Validation Program For NL

Warning – Insurance Policy Cannot be Confirmed Yikes.  That’s a scary message!  Our phones were busy this week.  Busier than normal as our customers called to figure out why they were getting an [...]

‘Tis the season to decorate safely

Christmas Magic is in the air. Festive lights are hung, trees are decorated, and the Christmas spirit is all around us. But, many of our most loved Christmas decorations pose a risk to [...]

6 Tips To Shop Safely Online

Today is Cyber Monday, and it feels like every website has incredible deals. Shopping online makes it easy to find the best sales and avoid going to busy stores! However, shopping online does [...]

How to File an Auto Claim

Your auto insurance policy is in place to protect you when you need it the most in the event of an accident. But, when an accident occurs, many people don’t know the steps [...]

Fire Prevention Week 2022

Fire Prevention Week 2022 October 9 to 15, 2022, is Fire Prevention Week. This year marks the 100th anniversary of Fire Prevention Week, and the theme is “Fire won’t wait. Plan your escape.”  [...]

10 Steps to Take to Protect your Business

1. Contact Us: Long before signs of a hurricane, you should talk to your broker about your insurance coverage in the event of a storm. 2. Refer to Your Emergency Action Plan: Include key contacts and details [...]

Be ready, Hurricane Fiona is Coming

Hurricane Fiona is still on track to impact the region from Friday to Sunday. The most severe impacts will be felt across portions of NS, PEI, and NB. However, southern, southwestern, and western [...]

5 Steps To Take If Your Basement Floods

Basement floods cause chaos and devastation in your home. Aside from making your basement unusable, a flood can ruin your belongings and create severe health and safety hazards. When your basement floods, there’s [...]

Emergency Supply Kit

While it is often not a priority until an emergency happens, you should put together your emergency supply kit long before a wildfire or other disaster occurs. Keep it easily accessible so you [...]

The future of cyber security

Your cyber security is at risk whether you’re a local retailer, small business manufacturer, or professional office. Cybercriminals are becoming more and more clever in understanding companies’ weaknesses and breaking into so-called secure [...]

Schools Out for the Summer!

Schools out! This is the best day of the year for students, parents, teachers, and school administrative staff! But, we want to remind drivers and parents about the importance of keeping children safe [...]

PANL Paramedic of the Year

We were thrilled with the number of nominations we received for the first-ever Paramedic Association of Newfoundland and Labrador (PANL) Paramedic of the Year award sponsored by Munn Insurance. This year the PANL [...]

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