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Customers love choice. And they love saving too! At Munn Insurance, we deliver on both. As an independent insurance broker, we shop our extensive network of insurance partners to provide our customers with choices to provide the best coverage at the best rate. Some of the insurance companies we search for our customers include:
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Munn provides more choice and savings for all your insurance needs.
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Using our simple online
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us toll-free!
Using our simple online quoting
system, or call us toll-free!

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In minutes we'll shop
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In minutes we'll shop around
to get the best deal for you.

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We can save you up to
30% without breaking
a sweat.
We can save you up to 30%
without breaking a sweat.
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Our customers love to save.
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We say switching is easy... and it's true! In the past year, people have left these companies to come to Munn.
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People are switching to Munn for many reasons.

Fast claims processing, competitive rates, and responsive, respectful customer care.


We have earned a reputation of always having your best interests at heart. That’s why we deliver truly exceptional service. The kind that makes you smile!

Fast Local
Claims Service

We will guide you through the claims process, helping to ensure a swift and fair settlement by the insurance company. Getting you right back to where you were.

Choice and

Munn Insurance will shop the insurance markets to provide you with multiple quotes on your home or auto insurance and up to 20 on business insurance.


As an independent insurance broker, we work for you. We act as your personal advisor; providing unbiased advice on your individual insurance needs.


Not all insurance polices are created equal. As your broker, we work for you. And we make sure that you have the best coverage available. We answer to you.

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We have access to many insurance markets. Most places only have one! So we shop around on your behalf and find you the best insurance at the best price.

we care more. so you can worry less.

A quote with real savings is just the beginning. You get our promise to provide the best protection and customer care for all that’s important to you.

Our Latest Advice

Maryann Saved $1,100 on Her Insurance. A Customer Switch Story.

insurance savings switch

My name is Maryann and I’m a customer who switched to Munn Insurance for my home and cabin insurance and saved $1,100. I know, that sounds too good to be true. But it happened for me just last week. Here is my switch and save story…

I was with Anthony for a long time. I had been renewing my policy year after year. Never paid it much attention. When I looked this year, my insurance went up; again! I took a closer look at my policy and realized that my property was valued at over $450,000. Now I love my home. It’s nice. It’s comfortable. But it won’t cost $450,000 to replace. It’s not a big home. It’s just me; except Thursdays when I have the grand kids and their dog. I tell them I don’t like him. But when nobody is looking I sneak him some treats and get a snuggle too. He’s actually great company.

But anyway, $450,000 seemed like a lot. Too much actually. I was afraid I was over insured and that’s why I was paying too much. So I called Munn and spoke to a lovely girl there named Lacey. She did a complete review of my policy. She reviewed my policy line by line and explained everything. She asked me some questions about my house and my cabin. Nothing too complicated. Things like square footage, whether I had an alarm, proximity to a fire hydrant. Stuff like that. She updated everything in just a few minutes and found me some extra discounts that I don’t think were included on my old policy. She plugged all that information into some calculator that they have and confirmed that to replace my house they estimated less than $300,000. That seemed about right to me. Turns out the other guys were putting a few percent on the value of my house every year. Over 10 years that added up. And the premium kept going up too.

Lacey also told me about a partnership Munn has with CAA that provides extra discounts off both my home and cabin insurance premiums. She explained that by buying a membership from CAA for less than $100 a year I could save over $500 on my insurance. Lacey asked if I would be interested. Who wouldn’t pay $100 to save $500? I signed up right then and there. Did it in two minutes on line. Lacey guided me right through the process. Easy peasy. And now I have extra coverage and benefits from being a CAA member and more savings on insurance too. I knew about the CAA roadside assistance but had no idea you also can get discounts off some clothing stores and many restaurants. So now I am a CAA member. I can use my card to save at some of my favourite restaurants and have no worries if the car breaks down or I get a flat. My son-in-law is happy too as I won’t have to call him to change a flat tire!

So I switched and now I am a brand-new Munn Customer and a CAA member. I finally understand my insurance and feel really good about my policy. And I saved $1,100. I’m adding that right into the Vegas slush fund for my next trip!

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