Why Do Insurance Companies Give a Winter Tire Discount?

Insurance companies offering discounts for winter tires isn’t just a marketing strategy; it’s also a smart way to promote road safety and minimize the risks associated with winter driving. Several factors contribute to insurers providing winter tire discounts, including that they help you brake faster and control your car thereby preventing accidents and reducing claim costs. Oh yes, and winter tires help save lives!

Winter driving conditions can vary from good, on sunny days with no precipitation, to very, very bad when the snow blows, visibility is basically nothing and the temperature dips. Snow and ice can make it next to impossible for you to stay in control with cars often helplessly sliding. Insurance companies offer a discount to drivers who take practical steps to prepare their vehicles for the winter weather. Here is a list of ways winter tires help…

  1. Enhanced Safety and Reduced Accidents: Winter tires are specifically designed to provide better traction and grip on snow and ice-covered roads. By encouraging policyholders to use winter tires, insurers aim to reduce the likelihood of accidents during the challenging winter months. The enhanced safety leads to fewer claims and, subsequently, lower costs for both the insured and the insurance company.
  2. Decreased Accident Severity: Even if accidents occur, the use of winter tires often results in less severe collisions. Improved braking and handling in winter conditions can help drivers maintain control, reducing the impact and severity of accidents. This, in turn, lowers the overall cost of claims for insurers.
  3. Proactive Risk Mitigation: Insurers recognize the proactive approach of individuals who invest in winter tires. By taking steps to reduce the risk of accidents, policyholders demonstrate a commitment to safety, which aligns with the insurance industry’s goal of minimizing losses and ensuring road safety.
  4. Regional Climate Considerations: In regions with harsh winter climates, such as snowy or icy conditions, winter tire discounts make practical sense. Insurers acknowledge the increased risk during these months and incentivize policyholders to adopt safety measures that are particularly relevant to the local climate.
  5. Aligning with Government Initiatives: Some insurance companies may align their winter tire discount policies with local or national government initiatives promoting road safety. This collaboration fosters a collective effort to enhance safety standards during winter.

Most insurance companies offer a winter tire discount of 2 – 5%. If you are paying $2000 for your auto insurance premiums, that means you could save upwards of $100 simply by doing something that makes sense anyway.

To get the discount, you need to have your car equipped with winter tires (or  snow tires) and all four tires need to be winter tires.

Do all-season tires qualify for the discount?

No, they do not. The name “all-season” suggests that the tires should be used year-round, and some people do that. But all-season tires perform best in warmer temperatures, and are not nearly as effective as winter tires on snow and ice. When the temperature dips, all-season tires start to lose their grip on the road. To get the discount from insurance companies, your tires need to be actual winter tires.

In essence, offering winter tire discounts is a win-win situation for both insurers and policyholders. It not only promotes safer roads and reduces the frequency and severity of accidents but also contributes to a shared commitment to road safety during challenging winter conditions.

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