Are You Ready for the Long Weekend?

Travel Safe and Have Fun!

As the unofficial kick-off to summer – the May 24th weekend – approaches, there are a few things to keep in mind as you plan to get away and spend more time on the road. As people across the province prepare for summer weekends at the cabin, cottage, campground, or gravel pit you should also prepare your cars for the drive. Road safety begins before you leave home, a quick visit to your local dealership or garage will ensure your car is road ready.
While you should have regular inspections and service checks along with your regular oil change, don’t stop there! Here’s a safety checklist to get you started this long weekend:

  • Check tires for cracks or damage on the sidewall, which could cause a blow-out at high speeds.
  • Under or over-inflated tires can also be a safety concern and can affect your gas mileage, so ensure that you follow your manufacturers recommendations by checking your driver’s door for proper pressure settings.
  • Check your fluid levels — oil and washer fluid in particular. And don’t forget the cooling system contents!
  • Ensure your windshield wiper blades and all lights are working properly.
  • Check your road safety kit to ensure everything you need is on hand. Double check batteries for that flashlight too!
  • Make sure the insurance policy on your camper, boat or RV is in place, if not call us and we can set it up. Better safe than sorry.

The best part of the long weekend is having fun with family and friends and enjoying the sunshine… but be prepared for snow. The weather is unpredictable around these parts.

Remember to get your vehicle checked before hitting the road – then all you have to do is fill up your gas tank and pack your cooler with ice. Enjoy the drive, have fun and as always, don’t drink and drive.

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