Wouldn’t You Rather Have a Choice?

Let us imagine a world without choice.  What I am talking about is a world where there are no options; products we need are made, often in a mass production facility.  And they are all the same.  An assembly line of the same things rolling out day after day.  Customized and personalized are not available.  What would that world look like?  Everything the same.  How would that feel?  People telling you what you can and can’t have. Take this and move along.

Not that long ago, this was a reality for consumers.  They didn’t have much choice.  Henry Ford once said you can have whatever color you want as long as it’s black.  He wasn’t joking.  You could get the Model T in black or not at all.  Customers had but one choice; take it or leave it.   Today, there are many colors to choose from.  Many styles.  There are options and extras. We have choices.  And for customers that’s just amazing.  Lets call that progress.

Let’s take this example into another product category.  Let’s just say that you were going out looking to buy a new smart phone.  Would you go to a store with just one style to pick from?  Imagine if all they had was the iPhone 7; in rose gold.  Nothing else.  One style.  One color.  All the same.  No options.  Here it is.  Take it or leave it.  Now image there was another store that also had the iPhone 7 in rose gold but also had many more brands and styles to pick from.  Displays full of iPhones, Samsungs, Huaweis, LGs.  Everything there.  Each brand with multiple models and styles.  And each with an array of amazing colors.  Lots of options.  Different features.  And yes different prices too.  Where would you go?

Most people would prefer the store where there are options.  Where the shelves are full with choices.  Where the employees were experts on every phone in the store.  Where the customer can select between several styles and brands.  Where the customer could pick and choose; buying the one that is just right for them.

Let’s switch our thinking now to insurance.  Which insurance store would you visit?  The one with the iPhone 7 in rose gold or the one with an array of insurance options; including the iPhone 7?   You see, there are some insurance providers out there that have just one product.  They are captive agents selling for an insurance company.  Or they are called directs that offer just one option.  They can only sell that one type of policy from one insurance company.  And if that insurance company raises rates, they can’t offer you something else.  They try to get you to buy the more expensive policy and hope you don’t go shopping around.

That’s why the savvy insurance buyer visits a trusted and independent broker to get their insurance policy.  These brokers represent multiple insurance companies.  They have options.  They can help you match your needs with the right policy because they choices for the customer.  And if one policy is a little more expensive they have another that they can offer you instead.  If in the next year you need different coverage or would like to change something, a broker can help you get the policy that is now right for you.

So, just ask your current insurance provider if they have multiple insurance markets to offer.  If they don’t have policies from Aviva, Intact, Travelers, and more, call a broker and get the choices you rightfully deserve.

If you would like more information on buying insurance from a broker or if you have any questions on your home or auto insurance, please contact Munn Insurance at 855-726-8627 today.

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