Munn Insurance is Here to Help You.

In this province, we have learned over a lifetime that we have to face our weather head-on.

We have seen it all. Heavy wind. Driving rain. Blowing snow. You name it, Mother Nature has thrown it at us. It may slow us down, but the good dependable people of this province just keep going, because that’s who we are.

Over this past week, we got hit again. Winds like we have not seen in forty years. There was damage, lots of it. But, now we are cleaning up and looking to get back on our feet. Munn Insurance is here to help.

Taking Care of You

During last weekend’s storm, we received hundreds of calls. Our customers needed us. We immediately called in extra staff to help you during this time and worked day and night during the storm. And we extended our hours this week to make sure we were here when you needed us. Our priority is to look after you, our valued customers.

100% of all claims reported to date have been assigned to, and contacted by one of our local insurance adjusters.

Taking care of you is our first priority. We have made temporary repairs to homes with serious damage to help protect your belongings until permanent repairs can be made; begun the process of rebuilding roofs, replacing siding and repairing other damage to our customer’s homes; and we have started repairing vehicles and arranged rental cars for those who needed them. There is still lots of work to be done, and we’ll keep going until it’s all repaired and back to the way it was. We appreciate your patience as we continue to work through the many claims that have been reported as a result of this extreme weather event.

We Understand This is a Difficult Time For You

If you have any questions about your claim please call your adjuster or call us and we will help.

If you need to speak with us, have recently discovered any additional damage or need to make a claim, please call us toll-free at 1-855-726-8627.

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