How will our Wedding Affect our Insurance?

With all the endless decisions related to wedding plans, to the excitement of the wedding day, to becoming newlyweds and making a new home together, insurance concerns often get overlooked.  Not many young engaged couples are running to florists, event planners, churches and then directly to their insurance broker in a rush to get everything just right for that special day!

That said, newlyweds have much to think about when it comes to proper insurance coverage. Some might even say that these are more important decisions than what to serve at the reception!

Even before you say, “I do,” there’s wedding insurance to consider, which can protect you from unforeseen out-of-pocket costs should your special day not go quite as planned, to travel insurance, because no one wants to get stuck with costly medical bills on their honeymoon.

Then there are decisions about coverage for insuring that new massive diamond and matching wedding rings, getting life insurance, and combining car insurance policies; not to mention a new home and all the contents – hopefully from some nice wedding gifts from that rich uncle!

An independent insurance broker can help you determine what renter or homeowner policy will best meet your needs. Your broker can also help you develop strategies for updating your personal inventory and combining your assets; because it’s not just his or her stuff anymore, but our stuff.

Your broker can even point out ways to save on those premiums as well.  As an example, if you cover his car, her car and your home with the same insurance company, you might be eligible for a multi-policy discount and extra coverage!

Every insurance provider and policy is different, so talk to your broker to make sure that you have the right coverage for your new life as husband and wife.  This way, you can start your new life confident that your belongings and home will be covered from loss and damage.

What to do when you start a new life together is one of life’s big questions.  For this question, and for life’s many other questions, there are answers.  You are not alone.  We can help provide the answers, so you can make better decisions, help reduce costs and help make sure you are safe.

Contact Munn Insurance today at 1-855-726-8627.  We are here to help.

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