A Fresh Customer Service Story

When Trevor Beliwicz, one of our Customer Service Representatives, came to work one day last week it was very much like ever other day. The phones were busy. Customers were calling looking for his advice and help. Others looking for quotes.

On this particular day, Trevor answered a call from a customer in Cape Broyle who had been insured with us since 2002. Now, when speaking to folks from Cape Broyle, a town with a rich fishing history, it wouldn’t be surprising if Trevor started thinking about a nice feed of fresh fish, and yes by that we mean cod. That might seem strange, but just keep reading.

The call that day was like any other. Mary needed to ask some questions and make changes to her Auto Policy; the type of call that Trevor has handled countless times. It started like all the others; a warm greeting, some small talk, and oh yes the required comments about the weather; because most conversations eventually touch on the weather. They also talked about the coverage on her four vehicles, home, an ATV and a snowmobile policy; all insured with Munn. Trevor said, “Mary has it all insured with us; smart lady!”

Mary eventually got around to asking about adding a vehicle to her policy and making sure the coverage on her summer sports car was updated, as it was being stored for the winter. “No problem”, Trevor said. During the call Trevor took the opportunity to review the coverage on the four vehicles and realized that additional coverage was available — moving the auto liability from $500,000 to $1,000,000 to provide a much better level of protection. The friendly advice was happily accepted. “Thanks for taking such good care or me”, Mary said.

And then something a little out of the ordinary. Mary said, “I am coming to see you tomorrow. Do you like fresh cod?” Having fresh fish in the back of his mind Trevor said “Absolutely. I Love it!” He hung up the phone and moved on to the next customer not really thinking much more about the potential meal, but quietly thinking how great a feed of fish would be tomorrow.

The next day, Mary arrived at our St. John’s office, fresh cod in hand, looking for Trevor. Mary drove for over an hour to deliver that gift. We like to think she made a special trip just to see Trevor, but she was probably coming into town anyway to run a few errands. When she meet Trevor, Mary happily presented the gift — fresh cod fillets perfectly packaged in a new white box. Now that doesn’t happen every day. But things like that do happen. A lot. It’s just what happens when you treat people right and provide them with exceptional service and best friend advice.

And Mary, well, that’s the kind of people we are in Newfoundland and Labrador. Friendly. Appreciative. For us, one good turn always deserves another. So we will drive an hour just to say thanks. And that’s the kind of service we provide at Munn Insurance — well worth a long detour and a big feed of fresh fish.

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