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Digital Nova Scotia member of the month feature. Originally posted on Digital Nova Scotia website

The insurance industry may not widely be known for being glamorous or innovative, but that’s something Munn Insurance is trying to change—with technology and innovation at the forefront of what they do.

Munn Insurance was established in 1949 and is one of the largest independent insurance brokers in Atlantic Canada, with more than 80 employees serving over 30,000 customers providing home, auto, group and business insurance solutions. Helping protect and serve customers for more than seven decades, they’ve learned just how important it is to keep evolving.

“At Munn, our goal is to be better today than we were yesterday. Standing still is not an option, or else you will be passed,” said Munn Insurance CMO Brian King.

“Our team is young and dynamic—more than ready for our next phase of rapid growth, with plans to double in the next few years and expand into new markets.”

So how is Munn Insurance changing the insurance game? The company has digitized its brokerage, investing in leading technology to deliver a world-class customer experience—one they’re able to personalize by utilizing data and analytics to create tailored insurance solutions.

“We are in fact a digital enterprise that just happens to secure insurance coverage for our clients through our insurance company partners. Technology and innovation are therefore at the forefront of our strategy,” said Munn Insurance President and CEO, C.J. Nolan.

“For those who want it, we provide a full online quote experience that makes insurance easy and convenient – allowing you to shop auto and home insurance options from the comfort of your own living room.”

The shift to digital has also helped Munn Insurance minimize their environmental impact. The brokerage runs a near-paperless operation, opting instead for digital alternatives to insurance industry staples, such as massive piles of policy documents, said King, adding filing cabinets and piles of paper are almost a thing of the past, and their people love this.

Their innovative thinking has not only paid off with their customers, but it’s got them both local and national recognition, leading to a long list of accolades and awards—most recently, taking home the Broker of the Year Award at the 2022 Insurance Business Canada Awards.

“It feels great to be recognized,” said King.

“It validates our strategy and confirms what our customers are telling us every day: That we are doing something very special and that they love being with Munn Insurance.”

As for the near future, King said the company is looking forward to the new normal following a difficult couple of years. The pandemic challenged the business in multiple ways, but it also validated their decision to digitize, he said, pointing to their investment in a state-of-the-art Cisco VOIP phone system.

“With the VOIP system, we are better able to support hybrid work options for our employees, while maintaining all data tracking and measurement functionality and integration with our Broker Management System,” King said.

“When COVID forced us into a lockdown, we closed at the end of the work day and we were fully operational, working from home the next morning. It was business as usual for our people and our customers never noticed the slightest erosion in service quality.”

The team’s growth mindset is what has helped Munn Insurance evolve into one of the most innovative insurance brokers in the industry today, and that’s exactly what they’ll continue to do moving forward.

“We are constantly evaluating new and exciting technology to help us deliver even more value for our customers. Technology has allowed our people to be more efficient by automating the most repetitive and mundane work tasks, so our employees love their jobs even more,” said King.

To learn more about the tech-forward, environmentally conscious, progressive-thinking broker making waves in the insurance industry, check out their website. And if you’re a Digital Nova Scotia member, you could be eligible for an up to 30% off discount—reach out to learn more!

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