Cyber Security Month

October is cyber security month, and this year the theme is “life happens online”. Whether it be work or fun, the majority of us use the internet every day. The COVID-19 restrictions have highlighted how important the internet is; We use it as a way to connect with other people, share information, entertainment, or socialize.

While there are countless benefits to having the world at our finger tips, there are significant cyber risks. The government of Canada have highlighted the four most common ways people use the internet and how to do so safely

1. Staying in touch – No matter what’s going on around us, the internet keeps us in touch with our favourite people. Staying safe while being social can be done easily when you follow these tips
• Avoid phishing scams, don’t open any emails from people you don’t know. If you are questioning the legitimacy of an email, reach out to the sender to confirm it isn’t spam.
• Keep private information private. Be mindful when you are posting personal information on social media.
• Select a password carefully. When choosing a password, it should be strong, complex, and different from passwords on your other accounts. We recommend enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA).

2. Sharing special moments – We’re not always able to be around for the big things in life, but the internet has made it easier to share in those moments even when we can’t be there in person. From the video of your baby’s first steps to photos of their graduation. Sharing content with friends and family online is one of the biggest benefits of the internet. But we need to ensure that it is done safely and is seen only by the attended person. Installing malware and antivirus software on your computer can protect you while online.
Technology is amazing, until it doesn’t work. So, make sure you back up of photos/files or have a hard copy. If something does happen and your computer becomes corrupt you do not want to lose all your special moments.

3. Working and networking – The internet has allowed many Canadians to work remotely over the past year and a half. While some Canadians might be back in the office this fall, it’s likely many still aren’t— and some might be working from home permanently. It is vital for companies to be protected when having staff working remotely. Make sure your staff is using a secure private network and isn’t using public networks. We also recommend that you teach your staff about Workplace and career-specific cyber threats.

4. Operating businesses remotely – This past year has been a difficult one for many Canadians, and businesses had to face many unique challenges. Small and medium businesses had to shift suddenly from business as usual. The internet allowed countless businesses to shift business models to remain open while keeping their employees safe through the COVID – 19 Pandemic. If your company has moved to offer primarily digital services you need to revaluate your insurance policy to cover the updated cyber risks.

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