Specialized Insurance for Beauty Professionals

Regardless of the type of business you own – Hairstylist, Esthetician, Nail Tech – you need the right insurance coverage. We are here to provide you with the tailored insurance package to fit your needs.

What is Beauty Service Insurance, and why do you need it?

Beauty Service Insurance is an insurance policy specially designed for small-medium beauticians to protect against specific risks they may encounter on the job, such as third-party injuries and property damage.

If you’re a beauty professional who accepts money to complete work for a client you need insurance.

Let us find the best coverage for you.

You work hard for your business, let us work hard to protect it.

What Does It Cover?

Health and Beauty Insurance protects your company against specific risks associated within the industry you operate, such as third-party damage and theft.

A comprehensive policy will typically include the following:

  1. Commercial General Liability (CGL)
  2. Coverage for Products
  3. Completed Operations Liability​
  4. Coverage for contents and Equipment​

Who Needs Health & Beauty Insurance?

If you are a business, there are always risks in the industry you operate, such as third-party injuries, cyber-attacks, property damage, and theft.

Health and Beauty insurance will provide the coverage and protection should you or one of your employees be named in a lawsuit.

Some of the health and beauty professionals we insure include:

  1. Hair Stylists​
  2. Nail Technicians
  3. Esthetician​
  4. Barbers

What Does It Cost?

The cost of Beautician Insurance is not significant and varies depending on a number of factors.

The following factors are typically taken into consideration when determining your premium:

  • Industry and Services Offered​
  • Years of Experience​
  • Number of Employees
  • Annual and Projected Revenue​

We have access to many different insurance providers and can therefore offer you different options to ensure the best coverage at the best price.

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Common claims scenarios

As a hairstylist you use a lot of chemical in your work. While everyone tries their best to be cautious, some times accidents happen and the client can get physically injured.

Professional Liability Insurance will protect you in the event of third party injury.

As a nail technician working out of your home you welcome clients onto your property. Working from home offers a lot of benefits, but if someone gets slips and falls in your home you will be held liable and likely not covered by your home insurance.

Your Commercial General Liability Insurance will protect you against a bodily harm injury that occurs on your property.

While waxing a client your temperature gage malfunctions causing the wax to over heat. As a result, the client receives second degree burns and sues you.

Professional Liability Insurance will protect you in the event of third party injury.

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