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Hurricane preparedness for construction sites

Posted on September 9, 2021

Hurricane Larry is en route for Atlantic Canada; Contractors need to think about how to keep their construction sites safe and secure in case of a hurricane or tropical storm.

Construction companies need to prepare for the worst when storms threaten their job sites and plan to deal with the ramifications after a storm passes. Here are 9 things that you should do in advance of a hurricane to keep your construction site safe:

  1. Develop and review a hurricane preparedness and safety plan. This document should outline the exact timeline and steps the contractor will take to safely secure the project site in the event of a storm. Make sure to include when it is time to send your employees home and evacuate the area. Driving in a storm can be dangerous, so it is crucial to keep your employees safe.
  2. Communicate your hurricane plan with the team. Make sure everyone knows the plan and what tasks they are assigned.
  3. Document all work in progress and take inventory of materials and onsite equipment. If damage occurs, having a formal document will help assess the jobsite for damage after the hurricane.
  4. Monitor the weather. We all know that the weather in Atlantic Canada is unpredictable and can change at a moment’s notice.
  5. Evaluate tower crane risks. Ensure the general contractor and subcontractor have wind ratings for the cranes and an action plan for proper protection.
  6. Secure hazardous chemicals, if they are present on site.
  7. Ensure the structure’s security. The last thing you or the property owner want is for your project to collapse or cause damage during a storm. Ensure the structure itself is secure and reduce the risk of items blowing off as much as possible.
  8. Remove or secure all tools, materials, and equipment. Place what you can in buildings and sheds. If you can not remove it, make sure it is tied down to prevent it from blowing or tipping.
  9. After the hurricane has passed, assess the damage, and call your insurance broker if needed.

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